Just Go With It Trailer


Adam Sandler’s new movie is called Just Go With It, and he plays a plastic surgeon who picks up women by wearing a wedding ring and pretending that the wife he doesn’t have is terrible to him. However, when he meets the woman of his dreams (Brooklyn Decker) and they’re lying on the beach together, she finds his ring hidden in his pocket. Sandler tries to cover for it by saying he’s in the process of getting divorced, but Decker’s character refuses to go deeper into their relationship unless she meets his soon to be ex-wife and she gives them the OK to be together. So to fulfill the demand, Sandler asks another plastic surgeon and friend, played by Jennifer Aniston, to play his ex-wife and then things presumably get even more complicated because the title of this movie is Just Go With It, which we’re really only used to doing when we’re starving and the only thing we have to eat in our refrigerator is a heavily bruised banana. But in any case, here is the trailer for the movie. Only watch it if you believe Jennifer Aniston could be a great plastic surgeon OR that it’s natural for Brooklyn Decker to be into the guy who somehow ended up with a universal remote and used it to slow time down so he would have the chance to punch David Hasselhoff.

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